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Who Stole the Music Business? And How You Can Get a Piece of the Loot?

Money_bagsThe music business has been and is continuing to be a tough nut to crack. lt takes an unmatched work ethic to be competitive and it takes a lot of time and consistency to turn that into success. It is possible if you take into account the changes that have occured in the industry and capitolize on the opportunity to turn new marketing avenues into solid revenue streams. 

Performing more live shows helps counter balance the fact that CD sales are down tremendously, but it isn't enough to balance it completely. You have to go the extra mile, do the hard work, define your brand and run with it. Learn more about diversifying your music and building your career with Jack Hayford on

"It was also the WORDSMITHS, the audience builders, the email experts, the MARKETERS who stole the music business. Join them. Become one of them. Good writers, good communicators, are able to sell whatever they want."

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