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Pretty much spot on. BTW only recently became a fan of WP and it was after gauging it as a CMS solution vs, Drupal or Joomla

Clyde Smith

Thanks Nelson.

Yeah, I think as CMS solution it's definitely the way to go.

Really, if a musician just wanted a blog it's overkill but the whole Wordpress ecosystem, if you will, is pretty amazing.

Shirley Kirsten

I enjoy pairing my piano driven wordpress blogs with you tube embeds. Two dimensional exposure, teaching, performing bundled into one. It works for me as well as posts in Authors Den, on Linked-In, FACEBOOK, etc.

Brian Hazard

I've used 1&1 for many years for passivepromotion.com, colortheory.com, and resonancemastering.com. I can't see any reason to "upgrade" to managed hosting. Security hasn't been an issue, so far!

As for speed, I tried MaxCDN, but couldn't tell much of a difference over the free Photon included in Jetpack.

Clyde Smith

Brian, that's great. There's lots of people like you.

But I encounter a lot of beginners that would be better off just going with managed hosting.

And I read some social media posts that tell me that there are a lot of people that think they're in your position who would be better off with managed hosting. They just don't know it.

So this is for those people. I'm certainly not proposing any "upgrades" for anything that's working.

On the CDN issue, they don't always speed up sites that much.

It also depends on how you're testing speed and from which locations.

What are you using for speed tests?

Brian Hazard

I'm sure there are people who would be better off with managed hosting. I just wonder if Tumblr is the answer. ;)

I'm testing speed with https://www.pingdom.com.

Clyde Smith

For a basic blog, yes, Tumblr.

For a full-featured site, Bandzoogle.

But I'm writing about Wordpress right now. I'm using it. Lots of other people are too.

Clyde Smith

Or Stagebloc for a full-featured site.

Brian Hazard

Never heard of Stagebloc. I'll have to check that out.

Clyde Smith

I've got a couple of pieces on Hypebot about them. Definitely worth checking out.

nick anderson

Wordpress is the best way to go, there is numerous companies entering the scene

Olan Burkman

I use WordPress for my music school website and from my experience I would recommend a managed hosting.

I'm with https://www.rosehosting.com for more than a year and their managed support saved me several times. Those like me who don't have much knowledge about managing Linux accounts and Wordpress installations, should definitely consider managed hosting.

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