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Marvin Barnard

You can tell a white dude wrote this….ugh

Take NPD data which only measures 1 country, the US as the end all be all of a companies health, when these audio products are in over 60 countries. *rolls eyes*

Marvin Barnard

I wonder how much the CEO's of Sony, Bose, Skullcandy, etc would sell if they dropped albums? But they sell headphones right?

When was Dr Dre's last hit? When is the last time Dr Dre put out an album? He used other people who were cool to sell his products.

Snarky journalist make me sick for real,

Marvin Barnard

How is what I stated not logical? I pointed out 3 related things that poke holes in your article. I wrote one insult and you reacted and got your feelings hurt.

You just quote other people are don't do research….real journalist integrity there buddy. lol

Another thing, I see you're throwing a hissy fit twitter, you don't like 50 Cent and thats ok, nobody says you have to. To make see like that what my argument was about is bullshit and you know it.

I just called you on your snark and revealed your agenda.

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