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YouTube Music Key: Google’s New Subscription Streaming Service Leaked?

Google-youtube-play-allAndroid Police has images and details regarding what is thought to be the YouTube subscription music service for which Google has been attempting to license music. Though we don't know where they got it, I'm going to take this news at face value for now. What Android Police shows confirms the guess that Google's registration of means that the service will be called YouTube Music Key and, in addition, that Google Play Music All Access will be rebranded as Google Play Music Key.

Android Police has screenshots and info that tie together a number of other pieces in one tidy post.

Though commenters have pointed to additional info, most seem to be obsessed with Google's naming practices which one would have to say are a bit baffling. I am now biting my tongue as I consider various one-liners about names chosen by AI entities who have rather different needs than do humans but love hanging out on Google+.

The Details of GoogleTube Music Key Are Mundane

Instead, here's what AP has to say about YouTube Music Key:

"Specifically, it looks like YouTube Music Key will offer ad-free music, audio-only playback (for background or screen-off listening), and offline playback."

"YouTube Music Key will offer a 30-day free trial to start, after which the service will run $9.99/month. Interestingly, that price will evidently include both YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key…the WSJ last month suggested that those who already subscribe to All Access would gain access to the new subscription service automatically."

Anything Different or Special About GoogleTube Music Key?

Nothing sticks out here as a differentiating factor beyond Google's ability to promote their own products on their own platforms, especially their near-monopoly search engine, but Android Police points out:

"one of Music Key's major value propositions is that users will have access not just to official discographies, but to concert footage, covers, and remixes. Play Music already houses some remixes and covers, but YouTube as a platform is significantly more open and workable for derivative content – the platform is much easier to add content to, and user discoverability is substantially different from Play Music."

"YouTube Music Key also promises to make suggestions for what to watch/listen to based on the other things you watch/listen to on YouTube."

So how they integrate with YouTube as it exists will be an important differentiating factor. Google+ reminded us that even Google can't win just by throwing their bulk at a problem so a lot remains up in the air.

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