Eventbrite Launches Artist Studio Featuring DIY Music Biz Resources

Artist-studioEventbrite has a long history of blogging and creating other resources for the event organizers that use their ticketing services. Today they debut a new resource for DIY and indie musicians, Eventbrite Artist Studio. It's currently a collection of articles addressing such important issues and burning questions as "Why DIY?", "How to Make it in Music" and "Get to Know Your Fans."

Earlier this year Eventbrite did a Music Census for music event organizers that use the service and found that 1 in 3 of those organizers were musicians putting together their own shows with a strong interest in learning from other DIY artists.

According to a post on BriteBlog, Eventbrite then interviewed musicians, connected with DIY industry experts and drew from what they've learned ticketing 60,000+ concerts to create the Eventbrite Artist Studio.

The Artist Studio is divided into 4 sections with articles about:

Planning Your Show

Promoting Your Show


Maintaining The Connection

Eventbrite Artist Studio plans on adding new content on a monthly basis.

You don't have to be an Eventbrite user to take advantage of the Artist Studio. In fact, Eventbrite likely sees this resource to be as important for attracting new clients as it is for deepening relations with clients who are already on board.


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