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Hi Bruce,

I am interested in taking part in the Meetup. Is there a link to the event?


I suggest you guys collaborate with a well funded music startup that can host an actual event in a major city. We all know where we need to be and who we need to meet. It's the actual handshakes that make a difference, IMHO!

Bruce Houghton

We've done major meetups and will again.

Until then, please participate here in the comments section.

kelland Drumgoole

I operate a music and entertainment blog called www.sosoactive.com. Some of my work has been features on Hypebot and MTT. In additon, I am a recording artist going by the moniker K-Diamondz. In 2013, I released my first e-boon called, "The Social Music Revolution Revealed. I'm looking to connect with creative music and entertainment professionals. Let's make it happen.

Bras Dupont Blanchard

This is a very cool opportunity-Go Hypebot!
I have been lucky enough or crazy enough to stay a working musician, artist, writer and acoustician since the 70’s. The several hats I wore often came together and afforded me a radical professional life. I contributed to award winning albums, created musical sound parks, collectively designed and produced musical instruments that are played in over 160 countries. Currently I have installed my loves of art, music, writing and instrument creation into multimedia books for children of all ages. I call these books with CD’s “musical swamp tales “, being that I hail from New Orleans, LA.
The books are colorful and fun to read or listen to while you look at the pictures, sort of an opera with attached libretto. It turns out that the books are also a tool that teachers can use in the war against illiteracy and I have teachers using them in 3 states, I have the more mature book in the adult literacy program here in Louisiana. My problem is getting a good distribution system set up. Im a one stop shop and I feel stumped on how to get my book with CD or CD with book well marketeted. Any ideas for help out there? You can check me out by googling me: B.D. Blanchard and visiting my book website, www.bluecamparts.com.


Hi, lets get this going shall we? I'm Maxime, Social Media Manager for the music streaming platform Deezer. We started off as a bunch of music fans, and today we're available in over 180 countries with over 16 million monthly active users. Part of my role is to increase brand awareness, engagement and loyalty by building relationships with people via Social Networks.

Because we're here to share and all that... Interesting thing I learnt today from a MIDiA Research report: 30% of consumers are music streamers, with 1/5 of them paying to stream (US, UK, BR)!

If you want to get in touch or have a chat, you can find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/MaxHock

Brad Dupont Blanchard

correction on my name here. Any ideas out of the box or not on finding useful distribution with low cash outlay?


Hi! I'm Achickwitbeatz and as my moniker suggests I'm a chick, who makes beats. I'm a music producer, songwriter, blogger and occasional artist. Please feel free to visit Achickwitbeatz.com to check out some of my work as well as some interviews I've conducted with independent artists, DJs and more.
If you wish to connect with me I'm Achickwitbeatz on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and just about everywhere else.

Jim Sellers

Here...Brad Dupont Blanchard or BDB from now on you should check out @distorkid for distribution of your digital works....$20 gets you distributed...check it...

Jim Sellers

BDB, sorry for the typo is it @distrokid

Jim Sellers

We should connect..I am working on a couple of projects that may have some synergies with Deezer...you can follow me @socialrolla on twitter or shoot me an invite on linked in..Best, Jim

Cory Wolff

Hello everyone! My name is Cory Wolff. I'm the president of a music marketing company called Everyone You Know Entertainment. I'm also the Development Manager at We Spin. We Spin is an online music marketing education platform for electronic artists.

A new project that I'm developing is The Music Promo Toolbox. It's an all-in-one marketing and promo platform for artists and marketers. It is about to open to beta users and has built in support for SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS and more!

Feel free to connect with me on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/xiloki

Learn more about my company: http://www.e1yk.com
Check out We Spin: http://www.wespin.co
Sign up for beta access to The Music Promo Toolbox: http://www.musicpromotoolbox.com

Jim Sellers

I wonder what it feels like when you are the only one in a chat room?

Brad Dupont Blanchard

thanks for the input, I'll check it out. Anyone know about a real effective marketing option?



My name is Daniel and I drove to Los Angeles from Chicago about three months ago to hopefully work in A&R, Artist Management & Artist Development. I've been crashing on my buddy's couch and hustling my tail off for meetings and interviews, including WBR, Atlantic, APG, Roc Nation, etc. All I want to do is contribute to this industry. If anybody thinks I can contribute to their vision or would like to chat more, please feel free to hit me up, or tell me how I can reach you.

Appreciate it,



Here is my twitter!


Andrea Young

hi everybody, i own a boutique record label based in Aspen, CO, along with a weekly radio show on Aspen Public Radio, both called 'Aspenbeat'. I'm always looking for emerging artists and music to work with, and feature and play on my shows.

Is anybody using any of the pay services out there to listen to submissions? I've started to do that with musicxray.com, and I love getting paid there to listen to new music (however small the compensation at the moment), but I know some people have issue with it. For me, its the easiest way to weed out all the submissions I get.....thoughts?

Mike K.

Happy labor day weekend folks!

Hey everyone, my name is Mike. I just moved to the LA area to pursue a career in the industry. After getting my bachelors in communication, I decided to go for my masters in Music Industry Administration. I did the college radio thing, and I have completed internships with Clear Channel, Nickelodeon, and I just got news that I've been accepted for an internship with MTV in their Music Media Licensing department.

I am interested in exploring the A&R/Management sector of the industry, and I always love going to a live show, especially a free one, so I am also exploring the touring industry since I'm relatively young and have no kids lol.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or email me at mikekunzweiler@gmail.com.

Stay safe this weekend!!


@Jim, let's connect!

JF William

Dear Hypebot community,

We just finished our HYPERIUM rock opera... http://alturl.com/rztys

After flexing our creative muscles on covers... http://alturl.com/o8bbf

With quite a few clips to boot... https://www.youtube.com/user/bootikmoosik1/videos

Here's our latest... HEY YOU !

We’re looking for representation...

Thanks for the attention !


David McLoughlin

I'm at the Brasil Music Exchange. Based in São Paulo we organize trade missions to Brazil, participation in music fairs, market research and a series of promotional/marketing projects. We're also producing a monthly radio show. The latest, on Brazilian Bass, is here (and it's quite good!) - http://www.mixcloud.com/brazil/

Kyle Williams

Hey guys I'm Kyle.

I run a weekly web show/podcast called Seeds of Music where I interview music industry professionals and full-time independent artists.

We talk about tactics for building a bigger fan-base and making more music-based income. I've got around 70+ interviews under my belt and a ton of free content to consume.

If you want to connect with me you can drop me a line via email or even give me a call.


Nick Dolan

Hey everyone, sweet party!

My name is Nick Dolan, I work with music for film, TV and video games primarily as a composer and music producer, though I have worked as an orchestrator, music supervisor, copyist and more in the past. I'm currently working with a publisher on a few reality shows as well as some smaller side projects. I don't generally take unsolicited music submissions, but I'm happy to collaborate with other musicians on projects.

People I'm looking for:

-Score Mixers
-Sound Designers
-Ethnic/unusual Instrumentalists
-Other composers/producers to collaborate with
-Anyone who wants to experiment (business or music)

Things I can offer:

-Mockup Production
-Copy/Score Prep
-Audio Editing
-Music Business/Marketing/Licensing Consulting

Let's work together! (unless you're looking for song placements, then don't bother):

Website: http://www.nickdolanmusic.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nickdolanmusic
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nickdolan_music
Email: nick@nickdolanmusic.com

Tyler Wallace

Hey Guys,

My name is Tyler Wallace, I am the DIY manager of Union Specific. Both online and on the road, I have been using the information that I get from Hypebot to do some awesome things to promote my band, and the bands I love. I count myself lucky to have such a talented circle of friends who continue to make records and do work that I love!

Our past two tours have been the most successful yet, playing to crowds of over a thousand in some markets, and coming home with substantial profits to put back into our project. This would not have been possible without the valuable insights that I have been able to gain from this website!

I'm currently trying to take what I have learned using social media and online marketing for my band, and leverage that towards a job in social media marketing. If anyone is looking, I am available! I've included links below to what we are doing, and I can instantly provide a resume with more specific links and information on what I am able to do.

Thanks so much for everything!
Tyler Wallace
Austin, TX




David Weicht

Hello Hypebotanians (?),

my name is David Weicht and I'm the founder of Psychedelic Dungeon Records. We're an artist agency from Germany and are currently consulting & managing a bunch of awesome artists & projects worldwide. I'm also an experimental Trip Hop artist called "Astroboter".

I've been working in the music industry since 2006 and Hypebot is for me one of the few places in the net for deep-rooted industry thoughts.

If you're interested in discussions around our beloved music industry or an artists who is eager to take the next step, please let me know. I'm always on the hunt for new ideas, good people and would love to help you out (pro bono).

You can find me here:

I wish you all a superb day!!!
And thanks to Hypebot for the awesome work!!! :)


Bruce Houghton

What an impressive and inspiring group. Please help spread the word about this meetup.

Join Our Online Music Industry Meetup NOW! Intro Yourself To Hypebot's Community http://t.co/MY2oGy3vSH #musicbiz #musicians

Josh Smith

I am currently in St. Louis working on a new social-media style platform to serve exclusively local musicians and support them by connecting them with the community and with resources! I would love to hear from anyone interested in working together to help promote the immense talent that exists in every city!

-Josh Smith
Check out our Holder Page!
Check out our Twitter
Facebook more your thing?

Josh Smith

Sorry, This is our holder page.

Co-Founder of SoundScapeSTL

Garrett Thomson

Hi everyone!

My name is Garrett Thomson and I just recently started my own artist management company in Nashville, TN called Asterisk Management. I currently manage the New York based Alt/Soul singer, Caleb Hawley. I also offer a wide range of services including Branding/Imaging, Creative Development and Digital Marketing services.

I recently worked promotion for Maggie Rose, the second most spun independent female country artist in the last decade and also worked promotion for the gold certified selling artist, Chase Rice. I've ran digital marketing campaigns for artists like Hinder, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tyler Farr, JT Hodges, and several others.

I'm excited to be involved in the music industry in the quickly evolving time and can't wait to see how the digital age will change our consumption of media.

Caleb Hawley is releasing an EP on September 9th followed by a fall tour. You can find his music and more information about him on his website: http://www.calebhawley.com

Feel free to email me to continue this conversation at Garrett@asteriskmgmt.com

Thanks again everyone!!

Wes Fif

What's going on everyone? My name is Wes Fif, indie artist based out of Orlando. You may have heard of me through my record "Haterz Everywhere" w/ B.O.B. or "Hometeam" w/ Big KRIT and Cyhi Da Prynce ! I am currently in the midst of re-branding my indie imprint..titled Byte Down - a crossing of hip hop and electronic music, but will dabble in several genres. I'm looking to really get into touring, open to collab with any and everyone who wants to work!

-Wes Fif

Sage deLisser

Hey All,
My name is Sage deLisser and I am a Co-founder of a project called TempoTrader. We are currently building an innovative crowd funding and marketing platform made specifically for musicians.
In the meantime, we have launched a blog that hosts musician profiles and features content about the music world in general. We would love to partner with other blogs just to build the community and spread the love. Also if you are a musician, contact us and we can get you featured!!

Check the blog out here

Sage deLisser
- http://instagram.com/tempotrader

Also, very cool idea on Bruce. Thanks!


Hey all,

I love this website! I am a music producer- had a placement on Iggy Azalea's album and played Coachella this year ;). I am also developing a cartoon (first episode releases on Tuesday @ gooberz.tv). I am interested in tech and creative aspects of the entertainment industry. Feel free to hit me up: twitter.com/woodysproduce



I program radio shows for online, my top 40 and country countdowns can be heard at www.musiccountdowns.com. I also consult and doing imaging for radio and internet. Ed@musiccountdowns.com

Carol Nogueira

I'm a music journalist from Brazil and I moved to LA this year to study Music Business and acquire more knowledge about the music/entertainment industry. I'm interested in everything related to the intersection between music and technology and I'd also be happy to help in any project in need of someone who speaks Portuguese or knows about the Brazilian culture. Thanks!

Dhaval W

Hi! I work with a major record label in INDIA, as a digital marketer and A&R. Been part of the industry for the last 5 years. I also independently find & promote music talent within the country and have an independent venture in the pipeline.

It might come as a surprise to many, but India has a lot of fantastic musicians capable of going global. Looking to network and find opportunities for these guys outside of India.

Also available as a freelance A&R / Digital marketer within music / music-tech fields.

I'm also a big tech buff & very keen on how technology has reshaped the music industry and how it will continue to do so in the future. Pretty exciting a time to be a part of this industry.

Cheers !

Jules Nedic a.k.a. Revolution Child

Hi everyone, hi Hypebot,

just saw this online-meet up on Twitter and I'm really excited about. Nice to meet you all. I'm a recording artist and music producer and throughout this past year I have been writing and recording my first full-length album and I'm about to release my first single in September. As a label, musician and as an artist I'm looking for all sorts of contacts and new connections. Please don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always happy to meet new people outside and inside the industry. My website is www.revchild.com or www.facebook.com/revolutionchild

Hope to hear from you all and maybe can make something exciting happen.

Rev Child

Roberta Osmers

Hello Hypebot and everyone!

My friend Tyler Wallace of Union Specific suggested I check out this networking event. I met Union Specific last year when they performed at a house party put on by a friend who also happens to run a really cool music venue in Iowa called Codfish Hollow. Since then, they have played other venues in the area as well as a barn show, and have become good friends of ours.

I'm a live music photographer working out of the Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois. I come to the stage with a musician background and a photographer's eye. I'm also a huge supporter of local music, and have founded a local live music magazine called Local Scene Magazine. We're currently online at http://www.localscenemag.com, and will hopefully be in limited print by January 2015.

Local Scene grew out of my love of our local music scene and a need to help promote that scene. I began as a blogger/photographer and through the input and feedback of our local community I realized a blog just wasn't enough. I still blog - on the magazine site - but there are also articles and interviews, an A to Z listing of bands and solo artists, and a calendar that is growing weekly. I encourage and welcome music community involvement, as this is a community resource.

Thanks to touring bands like Union Specific, word has gotten out about the magazine and I've received emails from bands outside of our area asking me to review their music.

I've always been one to inform rather than review, but after talking to a few local musicians, I'm forming a "review board" of sorts made up of musicians who will review submissions. I believe this is the way to go. After all, wouldn't you rather have your music reviewed by a group of your peers than some over-burdened music magazine editor?

Contact information and social links:
Twitter: @LocalSceneMag

Alex Ellis (AE|Beats)

Howdy, my name is Alex Ellis. Im based out of Kansas City, KS and am a songwriter, audio engineer, and work my second job (primary profession is electrical engineering) at an Indie record label called The Record Machine. I've been a somgwriter for 17 years, and received my Masters in Music business from Berklee in 2011. I actually had a class with Nick Dolan who commented above, hi Nick!

I'd love to make songwriting my full time job, and recently landed a movie scoring gig for a local film maker. Ideally I'd like to write for studio arists, but am open to just anout anything.

I also just received 'Artist Of The Month' from the amazing online collab platform Findmysong.com, which I first heard about thru Hypebot, so thats pretty cool.

You can check out my music at www.aebeats.com/music. I love meeting new people so even if you dont dig my stuff, please say hi!

Armando Carreras

I'm Armando Carreras (Deztined). I am a producer, engineer, and song writer from Arizona. My credits include: Nike, MTV, Coke, ESPN, Knoc-turn'al, DJ Kay Slay, and more. I am a Recording Academy Member (LA Chapter).
My current project is my band Phoenix Lights. We have just started our national radio campaign and we hope you hear our new single on a station near you. I'd love you be a part of your online meeting to learn and provide individuals with any knowledge I can to ensure they progress in their music careers.
Thank You
-Armando Carreras

Jeff Craven

Hey folks!

My name is Jeff Craven and I am the founder and current manager of the esteemed independent dance label Large Music based in Chicago. We have been a part of the rich history of dance music since 1993 and continue to seek out unique talent from acros the globe.

I also specialize in music publishing and music publishing administration. I am currently obsessed with the topics surrounding music publishing in the digital age. How will it all work? The answers are unfolding at a rapid pace.

Please drop me an email if you would like to discuss worldwide publishing administration.

Jeff Craven
Large Music LLC

R. Wayne Martin

Hi everyone...I'm a 35+ year music industry veteran having spent a decade inside the major labels, a decade inside the indies, and a decade in intellectual property management and licensing. I'm the principal at Martin Artist Management in the metro NYC area, launching now with two signing announcements coming in September, one domestic, one international. You can read industry advise and in-the-know updates on my twitter feed @rwaynemartin, and get a few laughs on my facebook page facebook.com/martinartistmanagement, but you'll learn most about me by going to linked in or taking a look at the website: martinartistmanagement.com.


Hello everyone. My names Tony Savo. I'm an artist/producer turned publisher/promoter. I'm currently signed with EMI and Score in the UK and work with indie artists in terms of content development and placement. I recently discovered Hypebot and it has become my daily go-to resource for industry news and reviews. Looking forward to meeting each one of you in person some day. Feel free to connect with me @ statecyde@gmail.com Cheers!



We are SOUNDVIL ! We are working on a new online platform for urban music scenes around the world.

We are building a great music player/concert calendar that promotes local artists as well as urban music scenes in general.
In other words : it allows you to experience music in a complete new - contextualized way.

We hope to Launch very soon -end of september-

all the best,

feel free to contact : maarten@soundvil.com
or stay up to date : www.facebook.com/soundvil
or Register as an artist : www.soundvil.com/signup


Hi everyone. My name is LA CAt. I am an artist/songwriter. My style is positive music with a Reggae vibe. I have done so many shows, can't count, n looking for more connections and exposure. I am working on my 3rd professional album. I work with great producers, Jawge Hughes, legendary keyboard player primarily works with Don Carlos, Brandon West, Representing Venice Beach beats and Haitian producer, Maestro Johnny, where electricity is like gold...if you don't work, you don't eat. Love to network n connect. Http://lacat.biz hit me up!



Thomas Here working on Solo CD # 4 and playing House O Blues this month. This seems like a decent idea. Cheaper than SXSW :)
Probably needs some kind of MC/coordinator to keep it from just being introductions.


I am Jia Li, Music Girl Media. We organize tours in China for 2 years now. I am working on shows for the Moon festival Gala in Shanghai. Contact: musicgirlmedia@gmail.com (US)or musicgirlmedia@qq.com (China)

Pinterest: Music Girl Media In The Moment

Facebook: Music Girl Media

Twitter: JiaOnTheGo


Hey everybody!

I am Yannick Ilunga and manage the website The Jazz Spotlight.

The site features resources for artists, articles and The Jazz Spotlight Podcast, which includes music talks by people in the music business - experts, authors, managers - and world's renowned artists like Dave Holland, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Jamie Cullum, José James, Kevin Eubanks, Zara McFarlane, Marc Cary and Michael League of Snarky Puppy.

Regardless of the kind of music you're interested into or are playing, I would suggest you listen to the TJS Podcast...plenty of great tips there!

If you want exclusive content, tools and more tips (and a free ebook about online promotion) make sure to join the newsletter

Don't forget to socialize!

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest


Alan Graham, co-founder of OCL along with legendary Producer, Rupert Hine. This month we'll announce OCL which will create the world's first automated sync licence for UGC.


Les Black

Rock Around The Web is my blog about the Streaming Music Revolution:


Rock Around The Web on Facebook:


My new post, Why Music Ownership Is Over, is coming soon.

I would love feedback from the Hypebot community.

- Les Black

Christian Contemori

Hi Everyone,
I'm Christian and I am a Music Licensing Manager based in the UK
I have experience in the business side and I'm also consulting a few record labels on their funding process;
I'm really passionate about the law and copyright matter and by this I mean that I love being abreast of the current evolution of music landscape, technology and new trends

If anyone is interested in having a fruitful exchange of thoughts here I am

e-mail: creetcha@gmail.com
linkedin: http://uk.linkedin.com/in/contemori/

I hope to get feedback from you




My name is Martin Harmony and I'm the founder of Gigbeats, the platform that help artists and clubs seamlessly manage all aspects of their gigs in one place. We've just started and trying to gather as many artists and clubs as possible in order to make the networking for them a lot easier.

If you got any thoughts or feedback regarding our platform, don't hesitate to drop me a line: martin.harmony(at)gigbeats.com




Hello, everyone!

My name is James Shotwell and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Haulix (http://www.haulix.com), the leading digital distribution platform for record labels and independent artists. I'm also the Editor and Founder of Under The Gun Review (http://underthegunreview.net). My days are spent writing about the industry and trying to develop better ways to fight piracy. Let's connect!


Hey, my name is Trevor Gittelman and I am the multi instrumentalist, producer, singer/lyricist for Van Vega. I'd describe the music as an Alt Rock/Neo Psychedelic sound. I'm looking representation and mastering work, my soundcloud is http://m.soundcloud.com/van-vega I'd really appreciate some feedback from an industry pro.

Tyler Wallace

@James, I tried to reach out to you via your links but neither worked. I'd like to ask a few questions about social media. Would you be interested in emailing me at unionspecific@gmail.com? Thanks!


Hi! I'm a musician who records covers and mashups of film music. I'd love to get some feedback on my mixes and production!


Thank you hypebot! I am doing a lot of community development through music. Firstly, I'm growing a small noncommercial station to gain market share in a college town. Secondly, I am hosting open mic nights for musicians to connect with one another. Thirdly, I am helping a new music venue get up and running. Fourthly, I am dabbling in spoken word.

Benjamin Pedraza

Hello, my name is Benjamin Pedraza and I'm interested in the meet up. I just graduated with a music technology and psychology degree... but who the hell cares?! I moved to Austin, Texas and I'm ready to network and publish work. I have released two records in all digital stores under my band name City Of Decades. I did both records as school projects that I went all out on. I wrote the songs, wrote all the parts, played all the instruments, recorded, mixed, mastered, and published everything. Now I am ready to keep releasing records by collaborating with others, backing others up, and just plain old learning more and more.

Overall my dream job is to just work and/or own a record label and just play my fun folk gigs at night for fun.
Music is an addiction and there's a reason I'm committed to being a starving artist at this phase of my life and not in a corporate job somewhere.

My contact info is cityofdecades@gmail.com

Benjamin Pedraza


Hi, Tracy here...love Hypebot. Currently I am working on a certificate @ Berklee in Music Business. Any current or former students out there?
Looking to connect with others who have that love of music.


Hello, everyone! Wish you good luck with all of your projects!
My name is Abubakir Gadirov, an 18 year old boy from Azerbaijan and a regular hypebot reader. (Hypebot, you're amazing!)
Yeah, I don't run a music related service or have a job in music industry like previous commenters do. I think the biggest thing I have is the passion, the desire to make and perform music. Yeah, it might sound like one more teen "wishing to be a rockstar" but let me show you what kinda person I am. When I was in fourth grade there were only two phrases that I knew in English: "I love you" and "My name is Abubakir". Then my dad bought me an english book and I began to learn english by myself. Later I've become a volunteer at EducationUSA center in my hometown and now my English is pretty damn good (some grammar mistakes may be presented)
When I was 17, I decided to learn to play the guitar. Of course, by self-education! After a couple of month I could easily play Hotel California and many others of my favourite songs.
In the same time I was spending time learning music production on PC with FL Studio. Now I'm starting a home-based recording studio with my cousin.
Recently I've started to learn how to distribute/promote your music, to learn what's going on in the industry (that's why I'm on hypebot) and I feel like it's the journey I want to take :3
Oh yeah, the projects I have.. They're more like ideas or social fanpages.
Forking Folks - is the pop-punk, pop rock, alt. rock thing I want to make happen.
1995MHz - Is an electronic dance (house, dubstep, etc.) thing I want to realize.
Yeah.. I think that's it. Feel free to contact me.
I'll be glad to get some help or support, or to hear your ideas.

Arkhanoth Yuum Uuy EEk

Hi i am L. Arkhanoth

i am from Mexico, i have a prpject of "dark ambient Aztec Symphonic music" it is called arkhanoth
i am interested in making soundtracks
if you can give it a listen at www.facebook.com/arkhanoth and www.arkhanoth.bandcamp.com
and in cdbaby and itunes

Michele Ari

Michele Ari. I make music and perform it live with a/my band under my name since they are my songs and its ultimately my creation. I'm from "all over" and currently live in Portland, OR. My music is all original and very heavily influenced by late 70's and early 80's new wave, punk, glam, post punk- you get the idea. Have some records out and some very nice international press and exposure.

Currently I'm focusing on my fabulous band but soon enough it will be time to put out more songs. Not sure on a path for that yet.

I can be found here and there and maybe would say something more exciting if it were not bed time.

And more...

Happy to meet you. What do you do?

Danielle Turner

Hey everyone,

It's really nice to meet you all! My name is Danielle Turner and I am a Social Media Marketing Manager with Omnia Media, a multi-channel network or YouTube network based in Los Angeles, CA. My background stems from PR, writing and digital marketing, with a focus on working with music artists.

I've had the pleasure of also working in the entertainment, health and start-up industry as well. I'd love to connect with all of you wether you work in the social media or digital space or just want to network.

Let's connect:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/thisisdanielle
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniellecturner/ or search Omnia Media and look for my name - LinkedIn is having some glitches as of today so the above link might now work :-)

Jonathan Ruble

My name is Jonathan Ruble and i sing and dance, ive been danceing since i can remember. I rlly am looking for someone who can take the trip with me and see how far we can get(like a manager) ill give it my 100%
email me jonathanruble@ymail.com i am very seriouse

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