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Spotify Launches Insights Data Blog, Eliot Van Buskirk Appointed ‘Data Storyteller’

Spotify logoSpotify has launched a blog to parse the mountains of music data it and its Echo Nest subsidiary collect, and hired veteran tech and music journalist  Eliot Van Buskirk as "in-house Data Storyteller".  Van Buskirk is a former CNet and Wire writer, who Hypebot readers know from the many insightful pieces we re-published from his Echo Nest sponsored blog.

MigrationIn his new role, Van Buskirk will be writing data-driven stories about music, musicians, and music fans. "Every post you read on Insights will be based, foundationally, on millions or even billions of real-time data points. Algorithms will be involved," said Van Buskirk. "So will 'big data'. But really, music is about the people who make it and the people who love it, and so everything we’ll do on Insights is ultimately about people."

Paul Lamere, The Echo Nest/Spotify's Director of Developer Platform and other Spotify data analysts will also contribute. 

To launch the blog, Van Buskirk has penned the data driven How Music Migrated from Berlin, London and Paris along with an interactive microsite to showcase music migration in the three cities. 


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