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It may take a while before this becomes popular but as ad blocking is on the rise, creation of new, free good quality content may become rare so maybe that will prompt youtube visitors to support channels?

Fan Funding looks like a sensible alternative to get funding, although I suspect YouTube Paid Channel might be a better option for certain channels.

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Yeah I think we all should start making a little on what we contribute to the internet. Not just YouTube videos but our blogs, tips, helping solving others computer problems, etc.. I have been trying out a site since Feb. 2008 called Fanbox and it tries to pay you for your blogging with them and other things so I think Google and the rest of these services should offer something like it to. Our time, Our money sort of speak. Just to say I do see a point here to invite people to this site or just search them and watch what their trying to do. Indiegogo also has had some activity for people trying to put together a plugin or extension or some thing that would allow people to donate to any site or something to that effect. Search for Webpage donation app or anything like it and you could find it. It might be something people will use and get in to maybe not! While I might mention my site RTW Merchants and asking everyone to visit just search that too... :) Have fun and hope to see things like this working out so people can earn something back for their stuff on the internet. Pics, videos, Music, Thoughts, Help, Tips, I could go on and on. Oh yeah not saying I don't like free information or giving it but its an option for those who like something to show their appreciation to the person sharing it.
**Update to what the app was**
@CentUp https://www.centup.org/

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