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YouTube's Tip Jar Fan Funding Feature Goes Live In 4 Countries

image from upload.wikimedia.orgYouTube is now offering creators compensation beyond a split of ad revenue. Google, which announced back in June that it was testing a YouTube tip jar, has now launched the crowd funding feature in four countries. Users in the US, Australia, Japan and Mexico can access the tip jar now, and more countries will be added in the coming months.

Fan Funding is currently available via the web and YouTube Android app.

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If a creator has Fan Funding enabled, you may see an [Fan Funding icon] icon in the corner of their video. Click that icon to get started! You can also click the Support button on their channel page. Google Walet is used to process tips and YouTube keeps a small cut of the transaction. In the US, its 5% plus 21 cents. In Japan, it's 5% plus ¥22 according to Android Police who first spotted the roll-out.

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The program to still be in beta, and interested bands and creators can apply here.