Bandcamp Tests Patreon Style Artist Subscriptions, Adds Unlimited Video

image from static.tumblr.comDirect to fan platform Bandcamp continues its impressive evolution with the addition of a robust HD video feature to its PRO subscription plan that includesmultiple options to display videos on artist pages. The company is also testing yet be be announced Patreon-style artist subscription options, with at least one example currently live on the site.

UK indie band Candy Says is using Bandcamp’s beta feature to offer fans a £20 per year subscription (about $32 USD) that includes seven back catalog and Bandcamp-only albums along with, “all the new music we make, streaming instantly on your mobile device via the free Bandcamp app, and also available as a high-quality download.”  

Subscribe - Candy Says

Encouraing fans to get involved in the yearly subscription, the band writes:

“It’s a club. A cult. A collective of like-minded failures. It’s not about buying music. It’s about supporting our effort to bring a little beauty into the world.”

In its current form, the new feature adds a “Subscription” tab to the artists Bandcamp page alongside standard “music”, “merch+tickets” and as of today “video” tabs. There’s also an option for fans to pay the band more for the subscription at their discretion.

More On New Video Feature

image from awesomescreenshot.com

Bandcamp has added a new video tab, and optimized the section for mobile where the videos are automatically displayed for lower-bandwidth delivery. There is also a new embedded player that lets artists and fans share videos including cover art and direct links to purchase.  

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