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Jukely Raises $2.4 Million Seed Round, Launches Unlimited Concert Subscription Service

Jukely-iconToday concert discovery and friend matching app Jukely announced a $2.4 million seed round led by Northzone and 14W bringing their total raise to date to $3.3 million. Jukely, which helps connect music fans with shows and friends with which to go to shows, previously teased their unlimited concert subscription service and got some of their Twitter friends all worked up. Today they also officially launch Unlimited Concerts, an invite-only membership subscription service.

Jukely has been a standout app in the world of concert discovery apps. A key feature is their friend matching aspect to connect users with others who share their taste and want to go to a particular show.

Led by insightful CEO Bora Celik and highly skilled designer Andrew Cornett, Jukely has two major announcements today.

Jukely Funding

The biggest news, in that money = survival, is their $2.4 million funding round led by Northzone and 14@:

image from"Pär-Jörgen Pärson, the Northzone partner working with Jukely, is one of the most prominent venture capitalists in Europe and is a member of Spotify’s board of directors. 14W is led by Alex Zubillaga, the former Head of Digital at Warner Music. Both Parson and Zubillaga were early investors in Spotify and will be joining Jukely’s board."

"AngelList’s fund Maiden Lane, Amol Sarva and several other angels are also joining existing investors, who have increased their participation in this latest round. Existing investors include: Larry Marcus (Pandora, SoundHound); Hany Nada (Soundcloud, Alibaba); David Cohen’s Bullet Time Ventures; Paul Sethi; David Lerner; and Charles Goldstuck (Touchtunes CEO), among others. Including this latest seed round, Jukely has raised a total of $3.3 million."

Note that this round adds more heavyweights in digital music though it's important to note that most of the companies represented deal with a range of issues, such as negotiating with major labels and the like, with which Jukely does not have to contend.

Jukely's Unlimited Concerts

Jukely is also officially launching Unlimited Concerts today. Here's the basic deal:

"Jukely’s Unlimited Concerts membership is an invite-only, monthly subscription service which enables subscribers to attend concerts for free from participating venues and promoters in Jukely’s service for just $25 per month. Jukely will not impose a limit to the number of times subscribers can attend concerts per month. Rather, attendance will only be limited by availability."

"Subscribers receive messages from Jukely several times a week with available shows and are able to RSVP online to the ones they wish to attend. Currently, Jukely has arrangements with 17 venues in New York and will be adding more shortly."

I don't know of anybody else doing anything quite like this and I saw some pretty enthusiastic responses on Twitter when Jukely started teasing the upcoming offer.

My guess is that a lot of people will be keeping an eye on Jukely's Unlimited Concerts given that the initiative brings together subscription services, a potentially powerful pricing model, with rabid, and I'm assuming youthful, concert-goers.


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