Platformz Mobile Aims to Bridge the Gap for Indie Artists

3341897According to Billboard, Indie music comprises 34.5% of the United States music industry market. It is notoriously an underserved sector – Platformz mobile app aims to change that. The app aims to connect artists to their audiences in a new and increasingly meaningful way. Platformz gives artist's access to their most streamed music and breaks down the data into how long their music was streamed and where the traffic is coming from regionally, nationally, and even around the world. Being able to crack open this data could prove extremely valuable to Indie artists. 

Screen568x568Created for music lovers by music lovers, Platformz actively serves both sides of the mobile app. Acting as an aggregated Google search engine for Indie music, it serves as one stop shop for accessing music from your favorite artists while opening the door to new music discovery. Integrating data from pre-existing platforms like Audiomack, Soundcloud, etc it has the potential to be a powerhouse if utilized by artists and listeners. 

“Considering the immense amount of music content available to the public, and as an independent artist myself, I wanted to create a product that reduced the frustration of discovering new indie music,” said Todd Dahn, founder of Platformz. “By bringing together portals the public is already familiar with sifting through, and integrating them into one experience, Platformz means less time searching and more time for listening.”

Platformz is currently available for download on the  iTunes store.

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