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SiriusXM Loses Another Big Round In Battle To Get Heritage Artists Paid Fairly

image from www.hypebot.comSiriusXM has lost another round in their battle to not pay royalties on music recorded prior to 1972.  This time, in a lawsuit brought by the RIAA on behalf of member labels, another California judge, who had previously signaled she would side with SiriusXM, concurred with a recent ruling in that class-action suit brought by The Turtles' Flo & Eddie that heritage artists musty be paid.  

"Plaintiffs ask the court to take judicial notice of the order granting summary judgment inFlo & Eddie Inc. v. Siruis XM Radio, Inc," wrote Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mary Strobel . "While a federal trial court opinion is not binding on this court, the court finds the logic applied in that order interpreting Civil Code 980 to be persuasive."

Pandora, who refuses payment much as SiriusXM does, appears to be letting the satellite broadcaster take the lead in this battle.

While both lawsuits were based on California Civil Code, there are likely many similar rulings in other cases and states ahead in the coming months. Lawyers representing other artist who released recording prior to 1972 are already salivating over the court ruling.

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