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StubHub Hires Editor-in-Chief To Become “More Than Just A Place To Buy Tickets”

StubHub_logoWhether or not you're in the "content is king" camp it's pretty obvious that adding a content element to one's website is a popular way to connect with customers old and new. Even Amazon and Google have their mitts in the game. But StubHub seems to be taking a focused, logical and possibly even meaningful approach to adding content beginning with an Editor-in-Chief, Jonah Freedman, who looks like a great choice.

StubHub is reported by PandoDaily to have hired Jonah Freedman who states on LinkedIn:

"As StubHub's first Editor in Chief, I'm devising ways to help editorial content drive StubHub's goal of becoming more than just a place to buy tickets. By adding new voices, partners and interactive features, my team and I are going to make all of StubHub's platforms a resource for creating smarter ticket-buyers and consumers of live entertainment. "

According to PandoDaily Freedman's been on the job for a month. Why no other coverage I do not know but StubHub is said to have made some kind of announcement yesterday about it though I'm not finding anything and nobody else seems overly interested.

Freedman is reported to be planning to build or already building an editorial team so this is not a small initiative. They're starting with music but will also extend to sports because those are the two areas of StubHub's focus.

Freedman describes himself:

“I’m a lifelong journalist. And while I’ve mostly been focused on sports at MLS and SI, I did previous stints at Rolling Stone and Details, so I’ve covered music as well…But up until having my first kid a few months ago, I’ve spent the majority of my disposable income on sporting events and concerts, so this really couldn’t be a better fit.”

As the former Managing Editor at Major League Soccer, he explains:

“We want to help fans figure out what to do with their weekends, and what to put on their bucket list…When I joined MLS, their website was just for marketing – game recaps, schedules, etc. There was no dynamic coverage whatsoever. It took about six months for us to change that into something where people went to seek out content."

"I see a lot of similarities with this role. People come to StubHub and all they want to do is buy tickets and leave. I think there’s a ton more value to be offered around event discovery, culture, and so forth.”

Makes sense to me. Freedman's absolutely right about what they can accomplish and what it can do for StubHub. Definitely an initiative to watch.

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  1. It would be exciting if Mr Freedman’s good will campaign actually made some significant $$$ donations to groups like MusiCares and other groups that provide support to musicians in need.

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