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Former MOG, Beats CEO Raises $5M, Launches Chosen – “The Voice” Meets The Web

Chosen-featureDavid Hymanformer CEO of Beats Music, has taken the lid off of his most recent startup venture, Chosen. The first of it's kind, Chosen is recreating the concept of hit TV shows like American Idol, X Factor, and The Voice by bringing the main stage to the consumer's pocket. By making competition accessible to any and every musician with a desire to be discovered. Having just raised $5 million dollars to further explicate their vision, Chosen is anticipating a strong launch in Q1 2015. 

While Hyman recognizes and respects the established following of TV based competition, he is confident Chosen presents a more approachable platform for the average aspiring musician. "We want to see guitar solo competitions, Swiss yodeling competitions, and violin concerto competitions. There’s a long tail of content that is unbelievably popular. An insane amount of content is consumed through YouTube that would never be on TV.”

While the Chosen team is being deliberately closed lipped about the app's full capabilities, they've released a teaser video showcasing the concept: [Click to Watch]


Just because the app won't launch until 2015 doesn't mean you have to stay on the sidelines. Chosen is currently accepting YouTube video submissions of single take musical performances on


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