The Taylor Swift Factor

ImagesSocial media has become as ubiquitous as radio play and touring when it comes to an artist making themselves known to the public. However there is a certain finesse that comes with using social media in music. Social Media success comes with being multi-faceted in your approach. Taylor Swift seems to have accomplished that with her last album, 1989. While album sales in the music industry have been on the steady decline in recent years, Taylor Swift has managed to sell 1.287 million albums in her first week. Jana Pochop explains the main factors that have contributed to her success. 

When creating a social media campaign for your next album you, like Taylor Swift, should find ways to make the album buying experience memorable. Try to get into the minds of your fan base and give them ways to personally connect with you and the music you create.

See the six ways that Taylor Swift used social media and a bit of personality to create the biggest album of 2014 to date on MusicThinkTank.com

"Connect with your fan base far beyond that of a “I am an artist buy this music because I made it” mentality. It’s old and uninspiring. Create your army that will go to bat for you, spread the word for you, share in your victories with you…that is a fan base that will keep returning as long as you stay true to your art."

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  1. Want to know her real secret of success?
    1-Having a multimillionaire father who makes her a success to start out with.
    2-Being signed to a label that works with a major.
    3-Having major connects with the biggest media and entertainment outlets in the world.
    4-Millions of dollars invested in marketing and advertising.
    5-Tons of sponsorship deals for even more exposure.
    6-Making music that appeals to a group of people who have not developed their own specific taste of things yet and are governed by their emotions.

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