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Bose Is Building Their Own Streaming Music Service

bose logoAudio manufacturer Bose is hiring staff and moving "quickly" to build and launch its own "next generation streaming music platform". While Bose could integrate their music service within their own audio products, the company still faces very steep competition. And this new move is likely to displease Apple, who recently pulled and then reinstated Bose products from its Apple stores. 

Bose is currently advertising for a Senior User Experience Designer of Cloud Music Services. According to the ad, the company is "seeking an expert Experience Designer to lead design and prototyping of our next generation streaming music platform and ecosystem of products." 

The audio manufacturer says it plans to move fast. "Join us to invent and realize exceptional experiences that will enable millions of customers to rediscover their love of music" according to the posting. "We will move quickly and have an immediate and lasting impact on Bose’s streaming music products."  


Who Is Bose Targeting?

While details of Bose' music streaming plans are thin, it would seem likely aimed at the audiophile market currently served by TIDL, Deezer Elite and Neil Young's Pono – but the job post hints at much broader ambitions.

According to the ad, ideal candidates would have worked at Apple's own Beats Music, Pandora, Spotify, Apple, GooglePlay, Songza, SiriusXM, TuneIn, Amazon, Rhapsody, 8tracks, iHeartRadio, RDIO and a varied list of music streamers.

Bose has not responded to a request to comment for this story. If that changes, we will post updates here.

The Ad:

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