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Buyers Remorse After Buying An Album On iTunes? If You Live In Europe, You Can Return It.

How-to-improve-iTunes-Store-App-StoreHow many times have you bought an album only to realize there are only one or two songs that really strike a chord with you? If you bought the album of iTunes and you live in Europe, you have 14 days to get your money back by returning the album no questions asked. In order to bring the tech giant into compliance with new regulations stating there must be an option to return items even when purchased digitally, Apple modified iTunes terms of service to allow for the refund of anything purchased from the store. 

560-apple-ipod-peopleNot that Apple doesn't already generate enough revenue, but in an industry where digital sales are on the steady decline, incentivizing consumers to continue to use their platform by creating a desirable experience should be at the top of their list and everyone else's. Currently, the new policy is only in effect in Europe, but if the implementation of a more lenient return policy means a better long term projection for iTunes, a global instatement of the policy may be a move Apple should consider. 

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