PJ Harvey Sells Exclusive Look Into Recording Sessions To Fans

PJ-HarveyBy Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0 Blog

One of the things that the new digital economy has taught us is that people value experiences more than products. In fact, many times consumers are willing to spend far more for an experience than they would ever spend for a digital product, considering that many think digital products should be free.This was recently illustrated once again when PJ Harvey offered her fans a look into the recording process for her next album – for a price.

PJ made 3000 tickets at around $22 each available, and the demand was so great that it took her server down as it sold out in a few hours. There was a limit of 4 tickets per household, with two slots available per day for the length of the project.

Obviously this isn't something that a new artist could do, but for an established artist, it's a way of recouping at least the costs of recording and maybe more.

Of course, it will be interesting to see the reviews after fans have to watch a couple hours of the same part being played over and over, or the engineer doing a tedious Pro Tools vocal comp or edit. They may decide it's not exactly must-see TV.


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