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What The Resurrection of Vinyl Albums Actually Looks Like

LPvinylsales1973-2014In the face of an unrelenting decline in album sales, vinyl has made a second coming of sorts. The sales of vinyl albums rose 52% bringing revenue up to 9.2 million copies (up from 6.1 million in 2013). For the seventh consecutive year, more vinyl albums were sold than any other year since Nielsen began keeping record of music sales in 1991. While this uptick has turned some heads in the industry, it remains a far cry from turning tides. Continue reading to view full size chart below.


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  1. Very Interesting! It will be interesting to see where it ultimately goes. Thanks for sharing Laura!
    Benjamin Wade Inman
    Parlatone, Inc.

  2. These are RIAA figures, probably based off Soundscan; which means a LOT of vinyl is not being accounted for (indies, self-released, etc.). Yes, it’s a small percentage, but according to other recently released figures, paid streaming subscriptions are about the same percentage…

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