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Apple Is Buying Taylor Swift’s Record Label For $250M [Report], And It’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds

image from www.wallpaperseries.comApple is buying Taylor Swift's record label Big Machine for $250 million. At least that's the report that's surfaced from Hits Daily Double, an old school music industry site that still has connections inside the major labels. Apple has denied the report, which could mean anything. But the idea of Apple investing $250 million or more in a record label is not a far fetched as it might sound. Here are four reasons why:

1) Exclusives –  If the only (or at least the first) place you can stream or buy music for your favorite artist is iTunes, Spotify and everyone else is instantly at a disadvantage. U2, The Beatles and Coldplay already have cosy relationships with Apple. 

iPod2) Equal Playing Field – It used to be that artists needed record labels. Labels put music in stores and songs on the radio. Now artists need money and exposure. Apple can offer plenty of both.   

3) ExecutivesBefore joining Apple's team, Jimmy Iovine was one of the most successful music executives in modern times; and new Cupertino staffers Dr. Dre, Ian Rogers and Trent Reznor each add to the mix.

4) Equity –  Apple buying a record label would upset other labels, right?  Actually, the major labels can't cry foul.  After all, they've taken significant equity positions Apple's music streaming competitor Spotify, were much of the cash behind Vevo and continue to invest in other music tech companies.


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  1. The headline and lead are pure click bait. (A) the source is Hits and (b) the only source is Hits. Hypebot should be above this type of shoddy journalism. Disappointing.

  2. Pretty sure the artists would have to sign off on giving Apple the exclusive on selling their music, no?

  3. Bring back the glory days of a great music industry, Apple… There are so many artists of substantial talent. Don’t let a narrow bandwidth of music on the radio determine the scope of expression for humanity… It’s not about the money; we just want to be heard… Make this a new beginning. That’s what this world needs… Bring the humanity back to music !

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