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Promoting Tracks on the Internet - Some Do's and Dont's

Download (14)Today it seems that everyone can place a song out on the internet and call it "promotion." However, because everyone has the accessibility to post anything on the internet, there are a lot of duds that miss the mark on promoting properly. It is important to remember that everything that you put on the internet is a representation of your brand as an artist. Music veteran Andy Gordon reminds us in this article to get back to the basics in promoting your music on the internet. 

As a product of the current times, internet savvy can seem like second nature to us. Because of that, some of the promotional basics can slip through the cracks. It is important to remember to engage with your fans and write meaningful messages on all of your social networks. Even remembering to do smaller tasks like checking your links to make sure they work can make a world of difference. If you are looking for a comprehensive list of the basics of promoting your music on the internet, check out Andy Gordon's tips on

"If you’re offering a download on Soundcloud, ensure MP3s are tagged and of high quality.  The file name should also be in the format ‘Artist Name - Track Name.mp3’.  This way when people come across the file on their hard drive at a later date, they will know exactly what it is - otherwise you’ve lost a potential fan.  It’s really irritating to find an untagged track called ‘aaaa3.mp3’ on my hard drive.  Why should your fan rename and tag it for you?"

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