Merchbar Launches Hot Merch Charts To Track Top Merchandise Globally

Directory_merchbarMerchbar, the platform that hit the market last September to provide fans with merchandise offerings individually curated to their unique personal taste has launched the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart.

Offering over 100,000 individual pieces of merchandise from over 5,000 artists, Merchbar has become a destination for fans seeking the latest, greatest in merch from their favorite bands. The Merchbar Hot Merch Chart will conduct a cross-platform analysis of sales data to highlight the artists selling the most merchandise in each of the 5 distinct genres, revealing the most popular items each Tuesday. 

"The Merchbar Hot Merch Chart is valuable because we've started from scratch to create merch rankings that aren't just relevant, reliable and comprehensive for artists and the industry but interesting and fun for fans. Creating a ranking of merchandise is a unique problem because you have to balance several factors that don't come in to play in album sales, radio listens or streams," Edward Aten, Merchbar's Founder & CEO, said in a statement. "Our charts balance item prices, sales volumes and number of items for sale across a variety of networks to create something comprehensive and indicative of the overall merchandise market."


"Not only do we already have the largest catalogue of new and official merchandise anywhere in the world by far, we are continually adding more artists to the platform including Jerry GarciaAustin MahoneAnthraxDolly PartonJourney and others in just the last 30 days. It's hard to say we are at the beginning when we already have such broad and unique partnerships, but there are several announcements on the horizon we think fans will be very excited about." Aten said.
You can view the Merchbar Hot Merch Chart here or read about it's background, structure and systems here.


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