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urRadio Breaks The Music Streaming Mold, Puts All Users On Air With New Music Technology

NpOCwALmyq4DCpWz7OLO7DLxUXSZFNxGNeKR6dJwYHQThis morning, urRadio launched an impressive set of creative, music discovery, and social tools empowering anyone to create, discover, and share live streaming music and talk radio stations.


urRadio is putting the power to become an on-air DJ in the hands of anyone with enough initiative to try it out. Built specifically with creatives in mind, urRadio users can host their own show, talk live with listeners via audio or instant messages, and discover new music and other entertainment by tuning in to an unlimited number of live Internet radio stations curated by other urRadio users.  

“urRadio is a live social soundtrack for your life,” said Tyler Francios, CEO of urRadio. “Our platform offers that which is absent in other music streaming services – live, original content free of the geographical listening limitations of traditional FM radio.  In addition, urRadio possesses the diverse and expansive content that is present in satellite radio, but at a much larger scale. The essence of urRadio derives from its capacity to allow users to become a live Internet radio station that can be hosted anywhere, anytime. Our patented technology and extensive social features deliver the most personalized and social music experience available today.”

PAgNkeUix2njr4uZ_ZlRE-3sX2nx8zMh9zWX3XSEMucurRadio has set itself apart, purposefully, by establishing itself as a destination the inherently motivated creators within the music industry instead of casting a net across the industry as a whole. This has allowed urRadio to hone in on creating a seamless live social music experience that superfans, YouTube personalities, and artists can enjoy and benefit from. 

In an interview with, Francios elaborated on the social connectivity that drives urRadio:

"You have these kinds of users: bloggers, design stars, podcasters, YouTube personalities – people who like creating content. We're tracking those users." Francois continued, "If you look at the overall concept of social media, it's people following other people. I want to know what you're wearing, what you're eating, who you're hanging out with… and that's what urRadio does with music. It's for the people who follow their favorite celebrities on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. urRadio keeps them connected – now, that audience can tune in to their favorite celeb station, listening and interacting live."

At launch, urRadio is available on iOS, Android, and web based platforms and is free to use with no ads or commercials, no software to download, and nothing to configure. Over the next year, urRadio will release tiered premium subscriptions that offer subscribers additional broadcasting technology, more DJ features, and unlimited ad-free streaming.  

urRadio provides all of the following features to users for free:

  • Live Social Radio – urRadio LiveSync technology allows users to listen to each other’s stations, playlists, or events together live and in perfect sync. Users can also instant message each other while listening together. Unlike other services, urRadio does not charge users to stream to an unlimited number of listeners.  
  • The Universal Frequency – urRadio HarmonicHertz technology converts songs to 432 Hz, recognized as the most natural and harmonious frequency for human listening. urRadio is the only online music service that streams licensed songs at 432 Hz.  Users can feel this difference.
  • 30 Million Songs – With access to 30 million songs and counting provided by 7digital, urRadio provides one of the world’s largest licensed music catalog from “Top 100” label artists (e.g., Taylor Swift, Kayne West, Ariana Grande) to up-and-coming independent artists and everything in between.  urRadio has partnered with 7digital and also works directly with top music labels. 
  • Free Unlimited Song Skips – Unlike other services, urRadio users can skip from one user’s station to the next, providing an unlimited number of song skips for free.
  • Live Social Playlists – While tuned in to each other’s stations, users can instantly add each other’s current or previously streamed songs to their respective playlists or music libraries.
  • Facebook and Twitter Integration – Quickly discover and follow friends’ favorite music, and easily share stations with those who are not yet part of the urRadio community. urRadio users can expand their audience by sharing on social media and instantly listen live with their friends and followers.   
  • Trending Music – Provides real-time, instant access to the urRadio community’s most popular live stations, songs, and albums to help users discover music and create new stations. 
  • Song Recommendations – urRadio Smart algorithm technology allows new users to quickly find other users’ music, receive song recommendations, and build playlists based on their favorite music and listening habits.  urRadio also helps ensure users continually discover new music while minimizing repetition of songs. 
  • urRadio_playlistMusic Search – Instantly search for other users’ stations or playlists, #hashtag categories, or individual users by name or DJ handle.  Users can also search for specific songs, artists, album or genres. 
  • Instant Playlists – Users can generate customized playlists within seconds, called Insta Sets, by selecting their favorite artist or song. Add variety by adding two or more artists or tracks. Insta Sets are generated individually and customized based on users’ selections.   
  • StreamMerge Technology – The patented urRadio StreamMerge technology seamlessly merges voice and music data into a single stream to allow users to speak over or between songs.  StreamMerge also helps eliminate delays between voice and streaming music, ensuring a high quality entertainment experience.

Ready to go on air?

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