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Last Week Jay Z Bought TIDAL For $56 Million, Today It Is Worth $250 Million

cashWhat a difference a flashy launch makes…TIDAL, the streaming music service which Jay Z bought just last week for $56 million is, as of today, valued at a reported $250 million.

A42-TrendArrow-Red-GoUp (1)From $56 million to $250 million.  That's the jump in value that  the Jay Z lead TIDAL made in just over a week. Or at least that's the valuation that new investor Sprint just put on the music streaming service, according to the New York Post.

TIDAL has just 100,000 subscribers; but in addition to Jay Z, partners include Kanye West, Rihanna, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Alicia Keys, Daft Punk and more.

Sprint is set to offer TIDAL on its phones in the coming weeks, according to sources. Softbank and private-equity firm KKR have also been approached for possible investments.


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  1. Your information is inaccurate TIDAL/Wimp had 510,000+ global subscribers before the North America relaunch. In one day they gained 100,000 subscribers. One day. The upside for TIDAL HiFi is doubling 510,000 to 1 Million and above. Watch it happen and quickly.

  2. title is misleading, should say “valued at $250 million,” might even add “valued at $250 million by Sprint.”

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