Lily Allen On TIDAL: Fans Will “Swarm Back To Pirate Sites In Droves”

image from sweatrecordsmiami.comLily Allen have never been once to mince words when she see's injustice.  What makes her refreshing is that she's both smart and unfiltered without becoming a hater. Her latest target?  Jay Z's TIDAL streaming music service.

Musicians Lilly Allen let loose on Twitter over the weekend questioning the purpose, value and effect of Jay-Z new exclusive driven paid music streaming service TIDAL. 

Allen is particularly concerned that exclusive content behind a paywall encourages piracy, and a Beyonce TIDAL exclusive track released on Saturday may have already proven her point.  But that;s not her only criticism:

Also troublesome to Allen is the wealth of TIDAL's 16 artist-partners: 

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  1. guess this publication does not consider correct spelling and grammar son I guess I should not take it very serious

  2. Saying that “Tidal is charging so much” is incorrect. Tidal is charging the going rate of $10/month (the same amount as Rhapsody, Spotify, Google Play Unlimited, and others) to stream compressed music. The $20/month rate is for higher quality uncompressed streams. If you don’t care about the difference you don’t have to pay the extra $10.

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