Reasons You Should Never Scrimp On Your Photo Shoot (Part 1)

Download (25)Image is everything. But as an independent artist, resources are limited. Check out how to get your money's worth when it comes to your image.


The biggest variable when it comes to an independent artist is budget. Budgets dictate everything and ultimately establish what quality you will get when it comes to things you need. But how do you know what is worth spending a lot of money on and what is worth saving pennies for. Image consultant Lori Bumgarner shares in this article the importance of your image as an artist and why you should invest more in your professional photos. 

Today, technology has served us well in the world of digital photography. Most smartphones can take photos better than some digital cameras. This does not mean, however, that you should leave your image to your own devices. Make sure your image is in the hands of those who know what it takes to make a great promo photo and get all that you can out of your budget. Check out Lori Bumgarner's article on getting the most out of your photos at MusicThinkTank.com

"I once had a client who insisted on hiring a professional photographer she already knew instead of the one her team and I had recommended. Her photographer was able to get the right shot, but it didn’t fit within the dimensions of an album cover unless it was distorted. And a distorted photo just screams “AMATEUR!” 

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