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Record Store Day Poll: Will You Be Visiting An Indie Record Store On April 18th? [ VOTE & WIN! ]

image from upload.wikimedia.orgApril 18th is Record Store Day, a time to celebrate and support independent music retailers. But some think the day has gotten too commercial. Vote after the jump and let us know if you'll be visiting a record store tomorrow.  Tell us why and you have a chance to win a copy of the wonderful Record Store Book.

Record book


The Record Store Book: Fifty Legendary and Iconic Places to Discover New and Used Vinylchronicles some of America's most iconic stores.  These outposts anchor the music scenes for the communities they serve; and, as far as I'm concerned, deserve to be places on the National Historic Register.

Will you be celebrating these stores and others this Saturday April 18th during Record Store Day?

Maybe you see record stores and an antiquated concept. Or perhaps you're just recoiling from too much Record Store Day hype. Vote and tell us why in the comments to win a copy of The Record Store Book.


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  1. Absolutely, we have one of the best record stores in the country (Love Garden – Lawrence, KS), and I will support them to the death. Always do a weekly run through that shop. As far as the Major’s taking reign over the Indie’s and ruining it for RSD, I’m already selective about what I purchase and where it comes from, even more so during this time.

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