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Spotify Activated By 1.5 Million PlayStation Owners On First Day

spotify[UPDATED] Sony mothballing its Music Unlimited service and switching to Spotify for music streaming is proving to be a very popular choice with PlayStation users.

Spotify was activated by 1.5 million PlayStation PS4/PS3 users in its first day of availability.  That's according to a tweet yesterday by Spotify executive Jonathan Prince along with a gif of a rocket taking off.

Twitter-logo_22AMAZING: @Spotify was installed on more than 1.5 MILLION @PlayStation PS4/PS3s on day one!!

Of course, most of the 1.5 million opted for Spotify's free version. Ands as of February Sony has sold almost 20 million of them.  Still 1.5 million activations of the first day is an impressive number that will boost Spotify as it works to fend off  Apple/Google/Deezer/TIDAL/Rdio/Rhapsody.

After all, at its peak, Sony Music Unlimited had about 1 million Playstation users.


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