1. I think its telling that this poll on a music industry site is overwhelmingly against a service that promises to double the royalties of spotify. What do we know beyond that? I have my reservations, but I’m not going to trash the service before knowing more. I wonder how many of the visitors to the site are musicians? How many are tech people with their disruptive, digital-communes paid for by venture capital?

  2. Upon deeper investigation I found that the sources that were claiming the double rate yesterday were basing that on this statement from last year (prior to Jay Z’s purchase of the company):
    “Andy Chen, CEO of both Tidal and its holding company Aspiro Group, told International Business Times that it pays its artists double the royalties of other steaming services. When asked what consumers were paying for when they paid $20 for Tidal when other streaming services were $10, Chen answered, “Artists get twice as much. It’s not like we simply charge twice. It’s a win-win for everyone.””
    From: http://www.ibtimes.com/high-fidelity-music-will-consumers-pay-it-will-music-industry-get-behind-it-1724926
    That said, Jay Z said this:
    “Will artists make more money? Even if it means less profit for our bottom line, absolutely. That’s easy for us. We can do that. Less profit for our bottom line, more money for the artist; fantastic. Let’s do that today.”
    Whether that is meaningful or not remains to be seen, but at the present moment Tidal seems far more promising than Spotify et al.

  3. I agree with Studio llalo. Why attack a service aimed at better serving musicians? Google is buying Spotify. This poll is meaningless Hypercrap.

  4. Premium – Freemium = More Artist Royalties
    or follow this decision chart
    1. Do you pay for your music, yes or no?
    If yes, consider TIDAL HIFI (or Spotify Premium $9.99)
    If no, stay with Spotify Freemium or copy from BitTorrent Sites
    2. Do you value high fidelity music, yes or no?
    If yes, consider TIDAL HIFI
    If no stay with Spotify Freemium & MP3s, or pay Spotify/TIDAL $9.99 a month 320kbs (not much better audio quality)
    3. Are you a true music fan yes or no? (Granted this is subjective but it has merit)
    If yes, pay for your music, value music and the artists who create it
    If not, get it for free, pirate it, continue to devalue music and the artists who create it

  5. Tidal is trash. It’s the privatizing of the current top main stream artists. Thing is most of these artists are gonna be irrelevant shortly, then what’s
    left? None of these people have no idea about how to solve these problems because they don’t have the problem. Any real solution will seem like the WORST thing to all of mainstream artist.
    Rule number one in startups, don’t try to solve a problem you don’t have. This goes for every current service. Granted, tidal is a terrible
    Hollywood move, but the other services are just as bad, difference is they have strong tech teams and the user experience is more cohesive. In terms of business plan and holistic approach to solving problems for all parties, EVERY service has it wrong.
    I don’t blame people downloading music illegally, this digital subscription shit is terrible and only people with tech money are winning.
    Bottomline. No one is gonna pay 20 for a service to have access to music you can get other places cheaper or free. Period. It’s over before it started. Apple / beats will learn the hard way too.

  6. “No one is gonna pay 20 for a service to have access to music you can get other places cheaper or free.”
    You are so wrong, 100,000 subscribers signed up on April 1. It’s so on.

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