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Indie Music Retailers Launch “Vinyl Tuesdays”

image from[UPDATED] Vinyl has helped  to revive the otherwise struggling independent record store sector. Now indie music retailers are taking the promotion of vinyl beyond their annual Record Store Day with Vinyl Tuesdays.


From A2IM

Vinyl Tuesday is an initiative set up by Independent retailers to celebrate vinyl releases. Every Tuesday, participating retailers will celebrate by highlighting special-edition, catalog, promotional, and new releases on vinyl. The goal is to maintain and grow physical retail while giving music fans more compelling reasons to support this important part of the music business community.

There will be several types of Vinyl Tuesday releases:

The first type will be catalog releases. These can be special edition releases made especially for Vinyl Tuesday or simply catalog vinyl releases that come out on Tuesday.

The second type will be commercial and promotional vinyl releases that come out on Tuesday.

The third type is the most rare. This is where the artist releases their new album on vinyl (on Tuesday) before the album goes out on CD/digitally to everyone.

The fourth type will be vinyl releases made specifically for the Record Store Day indie retail community.

The fifth type will be albums that have already been released on CD/digitally and are now being released on vinyl.

Vinyl Tuesday will be offered to the international community of retailers and is managed by the Dept of Record Stores/Record Store Day. For more information contact Michael Kurtz ( or Carrie Colliton (

Border City Media will count all vinyl new releases in their new release reporting meaning the BuzzAngle charts will include 10-days worth of sales the first week. The only exception will be vinyl-only re-releases for Independent retail stores only where the only release date is Tuesday in which case only 3 days of sales will be in the chart. If the vinyl re-release is also sold by other retailers with a Friday release date, then the chart will include 10 days for the Independent retailers.

Nielsen Soundscan will be getting reporting from Independent retail on a Monday-Sunday calendar, so Vinyl Tuesday will be included in the normal course of their chart reporting.

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