TIDAL Adds Tunecore, DistroKid Distribution As CEO Resigns, 25 Employees “Forced To Leave”

Tidal logoEven as Apple may be fighting with the indies, TIDAL is adding tens of thousands of tracks from two of the sector's bigger players. But TIDAL's CEO has just resigned after less than 3 months, signaling that the streamer's troubles are far from over.

Music streaming service TIDAL and its Discovery new artist platform today announced two new distribution partners – DistroKid and TuneCore. The two join previously announced indie partners Record Union and Phonofile.

TIDAL CEO Resigns, 25 Staffers "Forced To Leave"

ExitPeter Tonstad, TIDAL's interim CEO has left after les than 3 months. Tidal will be run by executives in New York and Oslo while it searches for a new CEO.  Tonstad had once been the CEO of Aspiro, the parent company of Tidal and now defunct streaming service WiMP.

Swedish news site Breakit also reported that about 25  employees were "forced to leave" the company.

TIDAL Discovery & How To Sign Up

With TIDAL Discovery, TIDAL hopes to help  unsigned artists a broader audience. Select releases will be featured in monthly TIDAL playlists, promoted alongside TIDAL exclusives and presented in live showcases across the U.S.

Bands and artists interested can read more about TIDAL Discovery and register at the TIDAL website:

o   WAV-files

o   Cover Art (min 1500×1500 / 72dpi)

o   Rights of use

  • Choose your preferred partner and terms, Phonofile, Record Union, DistroKid or TuneCore and press Start
  • Fill out the registration info with your chosen provider and upload 

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