Facebook Starts Paying Video Creators, Is In Talks With Record Labels

Facebook + MoneyFacebook has always left the music business to others, but that may be about to change.  With video viewing on Facebook exploding, the online giant announced that it would start paying creators and began secret talks with the record labels.

Official word came yesterday that Facebook is adding ads to some videos and has begun to pay creators as much as 55% of revenue. So far, it is restricted to several major media companies, but inevitably, Facebook will allow more creators to monetize content.

In the long term, that's great news for musicians, labels and the multi-channel networks that serve them. But there are also reports that Facebook has bigger plans for music content.

In Talks With Labels 

Facebook is early stage talks with the 3 major label groups about launching a "unique" music service, sources tell The Verge.  While it will likely include video as a centerpiece, other plans for "Facebook Music" remain fluid.

Facebook's move into video represents the first major threat to YouTube.  If an artist can both monetize a new video on Facebook and benefit from its massive social reach,  will we soon see video windowing?

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  1. FB should allow creators to see WHO VIEWED the video in addition to allowing them to receive 55% which should hopefully equal more than YouTube’s monetization if it wants creators to move their work over to Facebook as their premiere outlet. ( outside of their own websites of course)

  2. #Anielle: You can use retargeting for that. It would not be legally in most countries to get such info by name.

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