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UPDATE: Rhapsody Shutting Down SoundTracking “Instagram For Songs” App Tomorrow

image from[UPDATED] Last summer, Rhapsody went on a small buying spree, aqcuiring music discovery platform and Schematic Labs, creators of SoundTracking.  Both acquisitions were, in part, acquire-hires aimed at boosting music discovery on Rhapsody.

UPDATE: It's official. "As of tomorrow July 10, 2015, the SoundTracking website and apps will no longer work."

Yesterday, users looking for help with Rhapsody owned "Instagram for music" app SoundTracking looking for help on Twitter were greeted with a message that the app would be shut down soon.

Back when it acquired Soundtracking, the music streamer promised to integrate  the apps best features into Rhapsody.  "With Soundtracking, they created an entirely new way for people to express themselves by sharing their musical moments.," Rhapsody said in a statement,."We’re excited to incorporate that creativity and community focus within Rhapsody’s suite of music services.”

We've asked Rhapsody for comment. But for now, it's unclear if the integration is complete and that's why the app is being shut down.  

Whatever the reason, expect more music app consolidation and shutdowns in the coming months, as apps, which are too often little more than nice add-ons, run out of funding. 

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