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Spotify Adds Discover Weekly Personalized Playlists

Spotify logoData created or human curated? Which one music fans will ultimately prefer is being tested at every music service. Most – except Pandora – offer a mix of both approaches, but lean towards one of the other. Spotify launched a new use of data today that could prove to be popular with both fans and creators.


Spotify has launched Discover Weekly, a two hours custom playlist of music recommendations, based on the users library and listening patterns. Imagine, new music Monday just for you.

Spotify Discover-weekly

Discover Weekly has not shown up on my list of Spotify playlists yet. But according to the music streamer, each song in Discover Weekly is based both on your personal listening habits as well as what others are playlisting and listening to around the songs you like.

The goal is to use data to create a unique playlist full of deep cuts and new discoveries. “High Fidelity’s Rob Gordon had it right – the making of a mixtape is a very subtle art. That’s why we created Discover Weekly,” says Gustav Söderström, VP of Product at Spotify. 

Discover Weekly playlists are refreshed each Monday and will be posted at the top of the users playlist folder, across all devices. 

Spotify is now available in 58 markets globally with more than 75 million active users, and over 20 million paying subscribers.


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