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Why Taylor Swift Chose Not To Fight YouTube

1Swift has gained quite a bit of attention recently for keeping her tunes off of both Spotify and, initially, Apple Music. But what about YouTube?


While the popstar removed her entire repertoire from the streaming service Spotify, and busted Apple's chops following the revelation that they weren't planning to pay artists during the three month trial period of Apple Music, there's no sign of her ditching YouTube. While it's easy to assume that the popular video sharing site might be her next target, it may be too integral to Swift's success, according to a recent article by Myléne Besançon on Music Think Tank

"On YouTube, Swift is able to monetize artists’ videos in more ways than Spotify and Apple can provide. You may also notice that some videos on YouTube have the Vevo mark. Vevo belongs to the group made out of Sony Music Entertainment, Abu Dhabi Media and Universal Music Group. YouTube made considerable investments in this website, just to have those videos streamed to it as well and give the opportunity for artists to increase value by uploading videos to Vevo, with the goal of monetizing these music videos through ads." 

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