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Billboard Channels Its Inner TMZ With Leaked Survey Of Music Execs [See The Full Survey]

Billboard_logo5For decades, Billboard has been the go to trade for the music industry, but that apparently no longer attracts enough readers and advertisers.  New editors mix serious journalism from Glenn Peoples, Ed Christman, Ray Wadell and a handful of others with a growing mix of fashion and gossip.

After months of hints that it wanted a bigger slice of the huge audience hungry for half-baked gossip and innuendo, music trade Billboard went full TMZ with a questionnaire asking "top industry executives" their opinions on such serious subjects like:

  • Who is the most high-maintenance act in music?
  • Which artist's private behavior belies his/her sterling public persona?
  • Who is the most devious executive in the music industry?

It gets even better with questions like

In three years, Justin Bieber will be:
Who do you believe:

Here is a screen shot of the full survey.

Billboard survey

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