Changing The Video Trailer On Your YouTube Channel: A How To For Musicians

YouTube_optWhen trying to draw viewers to your YouTube channel, (whether they're returning or first-timers) it's important to switch the video trailer which appears whenever you upload a new video. Here's a rundown on how it's done.


Guest Post by Michael Brandvold of Michael Brandvold Marketing

Don’t forget to change the video trailer on your YouTube channel when you upload a new video. Don’t be one of those artists who is still featuring a video from two years ago while you are trying to promote a brand new video release. Did you know you can show two different videos depending on if the user is a NEW VISITOR or a RETURNING SUBSCRIBER.

Select the video you want to edit… RETURNING or NEW and then click the Pencil in the top right corner to begin editing the video.

Screenshot 2015 08 11 12 02 59
1. For Returning Subscribers: Click Edit and select the video clip you want to feature.

Screenshot 2015 08 11 12 03 13

2. For New Visitors: Click the Pencil dropdown and select Change Trailer.

Screenshot 2015 08 11 19 03 20

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