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“Dissecting The Digital Dollar” Report Shows How Ignorant Music Industry Is About Streaming Income [GET YOUR FREE COPY]

image from www.completemusicupdate.comThe UK’s Music Managers Forum has just published ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’, a major new report produced by consultancy CMU Insights; and the snapshot it provides is not a pretty picture.

image from www.completemusicupdate.comA new  UK’s Music Managers Forum report ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ surveyed 50 leading artist managers. It showed that less than 10% knew the key elements of the deals struck by labels with streaming platforms including what charges and deductions labels were taking and how publishing royalties are distributed. Less than 20%  had been invited to a briefing on digital income by their labels. 

“Even if the music rights companies are willing to begin a conversation – and many labels, publishers and CMOs are now talking about the need for more transparency – the way streaming services are licensed is complex, partly because of the business model, partly because of legacy copyright frameworks," said the report's author Chris Cooke. "If the conversation is going to be productive it needs to be informed. Which is why the MMF commissioned this report”. 

You can get your free copy of the report here.

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