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Dubset Releases Inaugural Mix Transparency Report: Atlantic Records, David Guetta Most Sampled

image from www.jaybirdcom.comThe fastest growing genre  - Electronic Dance Music – may very well become the music industry’s latest key to unlocking millions in untapped revenue, and we finally have the data to prove it.

Guest post by Dae Bogan

Today, Dubset, a technology-based licensing specialist that enables DJs to legally release, distribute, and monetize mixed music (i.e. remixes, mashups, mixes, etc.), has published the first edition of its monthly report: Dubset Mix Transparency Report (Special Edition Year-to-Date 2015).

The report establishes a new standard in charting the consumption of mixed music while shinning light on the commercial opportunity that may exist for original rights holders and content creators (e.g. DJs, producers) of derivative works. Each month Dubset will locate the most popular mixed music in the world, thoroughly analyze it, and share its findings.

The report offers full transparency to the “who” and “what” is being listened to (often royalty-free) by millions of music fans a day. According to the report, “data [is] collected from music’s top 25 streamed mixes as determined via a search on SoundCloud, YouTube, and other streaming sites utilizing the search term ‘Dance Mix’.”

The first report includes four charts: Dubset’s 25 Most Sampled Labels, Dubset’s 25 Most Streamed Mixes, Dubset’s 25 Most Sampled Artists, and Dubset’s 25 Most Sampled Tracks.

Atlantic Records tops the Dubset’s 25 Most Sampled Labels chart with a frequency index of 72%. According to the report, “the Frequency Index identifies how often a particular data set appears in the sample analyzed.” This means that 72% of the tracks analyzed included samples from Atlantic Records. Atlantic Records was followed by Interscope Records (68% FI) and Ultra Records (60% FI).

Dubset Releases its Inaugural Mix Transparency Report Atlantic Records   David Guetta Most Sampled  Eric Clapman Most Popular Remixer.docx   Google Docs

Creating and promoting mixed music is an art in itself. There are thousands of DJs and producers who build followings, book shows, and all but develop lasting careers on the back of the new creations that they make from sampled works. It should be no surprise then that Dubset’s 25 Most Streamed Mixes may, over time, become a very important chart from which decisions are made by various music industry stakeholders; not unlike Billboard charts.

The report reveals that this year Eric Clapman is a force to be reckoned with. The Hungarian remixer, mashup producer, and co-owner of E.C. Recordings—an EDM label founded by Eric Clapman & Van Snyder this year—ranks #1 on Dubset’s 25 Most Streamed Mixes. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, eight other mixes on the chart are credited to Clapman.

Impressively, Clapman’s nine mixes have earned a total of over 130 million streams (which is over one-third of all streams recorded in the chart) across all platforms analyzed for the year-to-date 2015.

Clapman is highly active on social media. With over 560,000 YouTube subscribers, it’s no wonder why mixes created and promoted by him earn tens of thousands to millions of views/streams, which brings me to the challenge of remix culture: untapped royalties.

I interviewed Dubset’s Chief Operating Officer, Bob Barbiere, to get a better understanding of the industry challenges (and opportunities) that’s driving what they’re doing at Dubset.

“Remixing has nine digit royalty opportunities, no one argues that,” said Barbiere. “The challenge has been in simple and timely licensing of the underlying works. Today DJs and other content creators are actually encouraged to distribute unlicensed content by some platforms without regard for licensing. The end result, massive real and opportunity costs to artists, labels, and publishers and a completely unreliable distribution model betwen the DJ and consumer where content is there one day and gone the next.”

Dubset has set out to address this opportunity with a licensing platform called MixBANK.

“Although it's as simple as putting licensing before distribution, the technology hadn't existed to enable the DJ (or other content creator) to easily secure clearance for their works,” said Barbiere. “Utilizing MixBANK anyone who creates a mix or remix can now upload it, clear it, and instantly send it to music services where it will generate royalties for both the new content creator and the original rights holders.”  

By publishing the Dubset Mix Transparency Report on a monthly basis, Dubset hopes to raise awareness and inspire action around mix culture.

In mix culture, there are many beneficiaries inherent to the nature of samples and derivative works. Take for example, Dubset’s 25 Most Sampled Artists chart. David Guetta (#1), Calvin Harris (#2), and Ellie Goulding (#3) top the chart; each with frequency indexes of over 40% (over 52% of tracks analyzed included a David Guetta sample). While they are not the credited creator of the mixes being analyzed, they are the original artists of the sampled works. Dubset’s point here is that these artists, with samples spread across millions of streams, should have some financial benefit from the use.


Dubset aims to be at the forefront of the conversation around EDM, mixed music, technology, and the business practices that shape interactions between rights holders and the creators of these derivative works.

“Labels and publishers have begun utilizing the new MixBANK platform to take control of their catalogs,” said Barbiere. “They are now pro-actively leading the clearance and distribution of great mix and remix content rather than locating it on the internet for purposes of takedown. Not only is this creating a sustainable ecosystem for DJs and rights holders, it is just the beginning of a long overdue, exciting, and reliable music discovery and listening experience for consumers.” 

Over time Dubset’s Mix Transparency Report will show trends and offer insights that will inform the way we think about mixed music and the business around mixed music.

Download the full report at

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