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40% Of Customers Would Change Providers if Music Came with their Mobile Plan [SURVEY]

mobile musicAs Spotify, Apple Music, Rhapsody, Deezer and others fight to gain new subscribers, they use a variety of tactics including free music, extended trials and deep short term discounts. But a new survey suggests that mobile bundling may be a more effective way to gain users, and confirms why mobile carriers need to be more aggressive with their music offering.

From the MusiComms survey of 4000 consumers presented this week at CES - 

  • image from imgs.inkfrog.comMore than 40% of respondents confirmed that they would change wireless providers if free music streaming came with their service plan
  • Another striking result was that nearly 25% of consumers would buy streaming services from their automobile manufacturers.
  • Right behind automobile manufacturer, video services provider came in with the third highest response rate at 15%. Video services provider can refer to any kind of network service provider including cable, telco, satellite or other.

“The numbers are very compelling and the timing is crucial,” said Juliet Shavit, Executive Director of MusiComms. “Consumers are telling us how they want their music delivered and what value they place on it. If I were a service provider, I would be listening intently and planning for the future based on these preferences.”

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