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THE PITCH: Music Producer Referral Service Noise Creators

The pitchToday. music producer referral service Noise Creators makes its PITCH.  As with other startups in this ongoing series, we've given them 100 words to convince you of their worthiness. And while I don't always comment, Noise Creators goes solidly in my "much needed service" category.


Noise Creators makes THE PITCH:

noise creators LOGOA huge advantage record labels have always held over DIY acts is the knowledge of every producer in the field who can take a good band and make them amazing... until now,

Noise Creators is changing that with a FREE service that allows musicians to get to know the producers behind their recordings, read interviews with them, check out podcasts, and then book time to make a great record with them.

Musicians can contact us directly and we’ll recommend the best producer for your record instead of the guy who just bought some gear down the street.