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Jabberjaw – Finally A Podcast Network That Focuses On Indie Music

PodcastingPodcasting has seen exponential growth of late, but indie music has not gotten much attention.  In this interview, the creators of music-centric network Jabberjaw Media talk about their podcasts and where they're headed.


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If you’ve fallen in love with podcasting, welcome to the club. The surge in popularity has brought not only exponential growth in audience, but the number of podcasts has dramatically increased in recent years (and even months). For music fans, Jabberjaw Media is a notable network worthy of (lots of) your time and attention.

With meaningful conversations on the craft of songwriting, inside stories from the industry and a nice range of genres and topics covered, there’s plenty to explore. This includes podcasts hosted by Silverstein’s Shane Told (Lead Singer Syndrome), Anberlin’s Stephen Christian (The Art Collective) and many more. We recently asked Ray Harkins and Mike Mowery about the collective and where they’re headed next.

Ray, you’ve been at this for a long time now. Has your goal with 100 Words or Less changed in that time?

Ray: Honestly, no. Since I selfishly started the show a couple of years ago I still focus on getting why people do what they do and how independent music has influenced that particular person. There are a few goals I have developed that all revolve around connecting with people.

The show serves as a connection to people who might not have time to pay attention to the music scene or go to shows as regularly as they once did. I get emails from people who mention the fact that they feel this show connects them in ways they haven’t felt in years to shows and the music scene in general.

Secondly, the show serves as a platform for me to introduce bands to the listeners that don’t have time to dive into music as deeply as people who pay as close attention as they used to be able to.

You’ve got several voices that speak as “insiders” as the central figure. Was that purposeful to try to add those sort of expert hosts, so to speak?

Mike: Not necessarily, but it makes sense that the “insiders” are those who have already done something prior to launching a podcast. It’s not too much of a leap for a band leader or lead singer to be someone who launches a podcast.

What do you want people to know more than anything about Jabberjaw podcasts?

Mike: That the network came together to enable direct communication between artists and their audience without the influence of media conglomerates or other gatekeepers. We work with our shows and creators to produce and innovate in the podcasting medium, encouraging free expression of thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Jabberjaw Media intends to aggregate present podcasts and help them thrive while also seeking to produce and develop new talent within independent music and beyond.

Are there plans to expand the network in the near future?

When the time is right we will implement many of the next steps for the network.

If a podcast is interested in potentially joining the network, what do they need to know or do?

Mike: Simply, create the proof of concept. So many people have ideas, but can they implement, consistently, over time? Create a “pilot” that you’re incredibly proud of. It’s like a new band sending demos. Do you just hit record on the tape deck (yes, i’m old school) and send it in? No, it’s 2016, you do so much more than that. For podcasts it should be the same.

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