Kickstarter Passes 100,000 Funded Projects, 22% Of Them Were Music

image from commandpartners.comDespite the growth of music-centered fan funding platforms like PledgeMusic, Kickstarter is still very popular with many musicians. The company announced this week that it has past 100,000 successfully funded projects and released stats that show how musicians are using Kickstarter.

Music On Kickstarter By The Numbers
  • amanda

    Amanda Palmer

    Number of successfully funded Music projects — the category with the largest share of projects: 22,133

  • Number of albums, compositions, or performances that have been nominated for a Grammy — from Rhythm & Blues to Latin Jazz: 15 (Four of which are in contention this year)
  • Number of creators who have won a Grammy for their Kickstarter project so far:
  • Highest rank of a Kickstarter-funded album on the Billboard 200: 7
  • Approximate size of a fragment of DNA stretched out to its full length, in the art-science performance collaboration “Music of the Spheres,” which produced the first piece of music recorded onto DNA molecules: 6.22 x 10^-8 meters
  • Height of “Got the Power: Minnesota,” a site-specific musical sculpture and soundscape by Bayeté Ross Smith composed of 80 vintage boomboxes: 15 feet
  • Number of people who backed Kaki King’s mesmerizing music and light experience, “The Neck is the Bridge to the Body”: 910
  • Number of World Music projects funded — from a compilation of tracks inspired by endangered South American bird songs, to a compilation of music collected from cellphone memory cards in the Saharan desert: 761


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