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SoundCloud Adds Stations – Personalized Streams On iOS, Android

SoundCloud_logo (1)"Sit back, tune in and discover." That's the pitch for the major new Stations feature, which just launched on the SoundCloud apps for iOS and Android.


As it completes its licensing deals and readies a paid subscription service launch, SoundcCloud is rolling out new features that focus on music discovery within its massive 100 million track catalog

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Last week Charts debuted and now Stations has launched with updates to both SoundCloud's iOS and Android apps.Stations builds personalized streams based on your Likes on the SoundCloud platform, "It takes our previous “Related Tracks” feature and brings it further, simplifying the functionality and making the recommendations even better."

A station can be generated from any track, search term, content stream or your Collection. Pull up the menu from any one of those four and select the “Start Station” option.

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