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5 Questions For Music Industry Expert Julie Flanders [October Project] [INTERVIEW]

1 (1)Here Cyber PR's Ariel Hyatt spoke with long time industry veteran and member of the pop rock group October Project Julie Flanders about her career, and what today's artists can do advance their career.


In this recent interview on MusicThinkTank, Ariel Hyatt consults with Julie Flanders about labels, here career, and how artists can expect to make money in the current music economy.

"On the business side of life, I am most excited by inventing and innovating. I’ve always been sparked both as an entrepreneur and as an artist to challenge limitations in the marketplace. I like to defy “…isms”—whether it’s sexism, ageism, racism or any others. I am inspired to help others once I figure something out. It’s really exciting for me to watch other people succeed from seeds I’ve planted."

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