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Apple Music Partners With Dubset To Stream Thousands Of Previously Unlicensed Remixes, DJ Mixes

dubset logoIn the highly competitive streaming music sector, every service is looking for an edge that attracts new paying users. Apple Music may have found one today via a partnership with Dubset.

apple music logoApple Music has partnered with Dubset to  stream thousands of remixed songs, DJ mixes and mashups that were previously unavailable due to copyright issues.

MixBank technology created by Dubset can analyze a remix to identify each of the original recordings within track, and pay the rights holders and publishers. MixBank also allows rights holders to blacklist songs or set limits on often they are used in a mix.

“You’re talking about hundreds of millions of dollars,” Dubset CEO Stephen White told International Business Times. “This is a huge day not only for the music industry, but also for DJs across the globe. We’re very, very proud to be able to support that community.” 

Though I suspect they will, there is  no word yet if Dubset plans to license its technology to other music streamers. Even if they do, Apple Music wins by bring the first,