7 Resources For Finding A Job In The Music Industry

1 (1)Finding a job can be tough, and doing so in the music business is no exception. Here we examine seven different online resources which job seekers can use to find gainful employment within the music industry.


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Looking for a new job? We run through 7 of the most useful online resources for finding music industry job opportunities.


1) Music Match USA / Music Match UK


Part of the Media Match network, Music Match USA & UK provide an excellent resource for finding music industry jobs of all types (as you can see from the screen shot there's a pretty wide scope). Subscribe for free for a basic view of the jobs board or sign up for a premium membership ($60 per year in the US, £60 per year in the UK), which gives you full access to all job details and the ability to apply.

Music Match USA | Music Match UK

2) Music Business Worldwide


In addition to being our favourite new worldwide music industry news resource, MBW (run by ex Music Week editor Tim Ingham) posts the latest and greatest jobs available in all major cities. Head to the jobs page now, and don't forget to subscribe via email for regular job alerts. 

3) Digital Music News


Santa Monica-based Digital Music News provides details of the top music industry opportunities available in the US in their jobs section. Again be sure to subscribe to their daily emails where a summary of jobs available can also be found. 

4) Music Week


The UK's leading music business magazine provides a run through of the latest job opportunities out there on their jobs page. Check it out and apply now. 

5) Synced In


As the name suggests, this one's purely for those looking for work in the sync sector. Downtown Music Publishing's Corinne Eady and Sony Computer Entertainment's Duncan Smith post regular updates inthis LinkedIn group, along with job specifications and ways to apply. 

6) Complete Music Update


Stay up to date with the UK music industry job market with CMU's job opportunities section, also listed in their daily emails. 

7) Trade Organisations


Trade organisations like AIM (the screen shot above is taken from their members newsletter), A2IM(check out their jobs board), and The MPA also provide details of the latest job opportunities in the territories they represent, so be sure to check out their latest postings if you're a member.  

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