Bandpage Adds AllMusic Integration

1AllMusic, the service which provides platforms like iTunes and Spotify with artist bios and album reviews, has begun integrating the data provided by the popular musician's site Bandpage, potentially expanding artist's digital reach.


Guest Post by Chris Robley on The DIY Musician

1 (1)AllMusic is one of the most important online references for music, powering the artist bios and album reviews on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify.

To get your artist information listed in its database, you normally have to submit your product directly to AllMusic according to the instructions HERE.

And while I still recommend that direct approach in order to get your music in front of AllMusic’s editorial staff, there’s now an easier way to (potentially) share SOME of that info on AllMusic.com, thanks to an integration between AllMusic and BandPage, a musician service which was recently acquired by YouTube.

According to a source at AllMusic, they’ll be integrating the merch and concert tickets portion of BandPage profiles starting next week. “We haven’t incorporated any of BandPage’s bios or images yet,” they said. “But that’s not to say it isn’t a possibility for the future.”

AllMusic will have the final say over what BandPage content will end up in their database, of course. So while the process of pushing info to AllMusic is automated, there’s no guarantees that it will be incorporated on the other end. Still, the potential to get your gigs and merch offerings listed with AllMusic is pretty exciting.

Here’s what BandPage says in their blog announcement:

As a BandPage musician, you will be automatically enabled via your BandPage editor to provide AllMusic with your BandPage profile materials.  If you keep this option enabled, AllMusic will have the option, at its election, of using your BandPage profile materials across its service starting 48 hours from the time of this blog post.

Please note that AllMusic may choose not to use any or all of your BandPage profile materials.  For example, AllMusic may choose to display your upcoming events and merchandise listings, but not your BandPage biography or profile picture at this time. If your content is not made available to AllMusic and you would like to request that it be made available, please contact us and include the URL of your AllMusic profile; our team will help pass along your request!

If you do not want to provide AllMusic with your profile materials, you may opt-out by visiting your BandPage editorand deselecting the ‘Enabled’ option in the ‘Audience’ tab.

If you do wish to participate but do not see your BandPage content on your AllMusic artist profile page pleasecontact us and include the URL of your AllMusic profile.

To provide your most up-to-date materials, make sure you update yourBandPage profile often. If you need help, we got you covered.

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