Facebook Is Changing Your Timeline Again: 3 Tips To Save Your Traffic

Facebook_like_logo_1We all know that how often your Facebook posts are seen by your fans is an ever-changing target. This week, Mark Zuckerberg moved the goalpost again. Here's the latest change and three things you can do about it.


As part of Facebook’s “Feed Quality Program”, the social media giant today launched updates to deliver the the most relevant stories to each  user at the top of their feed. 

Instead  just measuring the actions people take on Facebook – liking, clicking, commenting or sharing a post – Facebook is now also taking into consideration how long they spend looking at it.

How Will This Impact My Page?

We're not sure, but here's what Facebook says: "We’ve started rolling this out and will continue over the coming weeks. We anticipate that most Pages won’t see any significant changes. Some Pages might see a small increase in referral traffic, and some Pages might see minor decreases."

What Can You Do About The Changes?

Facebook-videoVIDEO, PARTICULARLY LIVE VIDEO:  We know that Facebook is in love with video and ranking, particularly live video, higher than just straight text posts.  It's also a fact that time spent watching videos can boost your average length of engagement.

• LONGER POSTS: Write slightly longer posts and add more photos.  Anything to keep fans around longer.

• POST MORE OFTEN: Particularly if you are a light poster, consider posting a bit more often, again to boost your overall engagement. 

"With this change, we can better understand which articles might be interesting to you based on how long you and others read them, so you’ll be more likely to see stories you’re interested in reading," said a Facebook spokesperson.

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