How Big Is The Music Business, Really?

This-bigAlthough music may be more ubiquitous than ever before, this availability has failed to translate into greater payouts for artists. It's hardly the first time in music's history that artists have been unfairly treated, but after all these ups and downs, how big is the music business now?


In this latest post to MusicThinkTank, Daniel Adler-Golden examines the history of the music business and its treaments of artists, and the overall state of industry today.

"…because musicians can simply go online and upload their music to YouTube, record labels no longer tightly control distribution. As a result, vying for consumer music expenditures is now more competitive than ever.

While it’s hard for many artists to embrace the new economic landscape, the business of music has experiences a fundamental shift in both supply and demand. As a result, the business practices and industry metrics need to change."

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